Career Planning

High School Course Selection

Annually, students begin the registration process in early spring by selecting courses for the next school year. The process will be completed when students register, pay fees, and pick up textbooks in late summer.

Each school has a slightly different schedule and format for the course selection process. All students, however, will use the same resources as they follow their Personal Pathways to Success and their Individual Graduation Plans (IGP) called for by South Carolina's Education and Economic Development Act of 2005 (EEDA).

Course selection for the upcoming year is the next step for rising ninth through twelfth graders to complete their IGPs. Students will use the 2019-2020 Course Selection Guide, a comprehensive listing of courses and their descriptions. The guide also provides graduation requirements, information about the clusters and majors as well as sample course progressions.

Along with the career planning guide, students should examine the Course Requirements for Majors (Personal Pathways Guide).

Each school coordinates its own course selection and registration procedures. Check your school website for further details.