Universal Screener

Universal Screening - Early Literacy

A universal screener will be administered to each kindergarten and first grade student three times per year.  What is a screener? The screener is a 20 minute test used to screen each student for potential reading difficulties and determine if there is a need for intervention.  SDPC will use MAP Reading Fluency to screen students. 

  • Kindergarten students will work with beginning foundational skills about letters, sounds, and print concepts.  
  • First grade students will work with picture vocabulary, listening comprehension, sight words, and oral reading that may include a picture book or passages if they show readiness to read at that level.  

You can go to this website to view an overview of what a student may see on MAP Reading Fluency: https://vimeo.com/328745189.  Keep in mind that just like MAP Growth, the test will adapt to easier or more challenging questions depending on how the student answers to understand his or her basic reading skills.  

Screening results will be shared along with suggestions for how to keep building reading skills so the school and family can work together to support the student’s needs.  How can you support your child’s reading?  Please see the links below to view information and ideas for helping your child become a proficient reader.

  • SC Reads- SC Reads is an initiative encouraging every student to be on a path to reading proficiently by the end of third grade.  This website offers resources to help your child stay on track. https://screads.org/ 
Family Learning and Resources- The Office of Early Learning at the SC Department of Education provides resources to support early literacy and partnership with the family.  https://ed.sc.gov/instruction/early-learning-and-literacy/family-learning-and-resources