Use of Facilities

The board looks upon school buildings, school playgrounds and athletic fields as community assets and believes that such facilities should be fully utilized in promoting the health and welfare of the children, youth and adults in the district.  Almost invariably, however, the non-school use of school facilities involves expenditures for heat, light, overtime custodial services and other incidental expenses.  

In order that fair and uniform treatment may be accorded all parties who desire the use of school property, the superintendent will develop and maintain a set of rules and regulations to govern the use of facilities.  The regulations will be calculated to permit and encourage the use of school property for those activities which are worthwhile and in the public interest.  

Whenever these regulations indicate cost to the user, such figures will be based on the estimated actual cost involved in the use contemplated. The board reserves the right to revoke or amend the regulations at any time.  

The board will make school facilities available for recreational, educational and civic purposes which will not interrupt regular school activities consistent with applicable rules and regulations.  

School facilities may not be used for sectarian or religious meetings that are more than seven days in duration, except when an established church of the community suffers the loss of its basic facilities by fire or natural disaster or when a church is in the formative stage. A church may request of the board emergency use of school buildings in these instances.  The board will consider such requests and, if circumstances warrant, will grant the use of specific facilities for such a time as the board deems appropriate.

Requests to Use Facilities

All requests for use of facilities should be addressed to the building administrator (the school principal).  

Policy KG Public Use of School Facilities and Regulation AR KG-R Public Use of School Facilities give details and guidelines.  These may be found in our online policy manual.