Virtual SDPC

VirtualSDPC logo"VirtualSDPC enables students within our district to learn in the environment and time that is best for them.  It expanded the walls of our traditional classrooms to encourage learning wherever the student may be.   No longer are our students limited to only finding success if they can adapt to the traditional school environment."
Tim Johnson, Business Education
2019 VirtualSC Franchise Teacher of the Year 

Virtual SDPC is a virtual school of coursework taught by SDPC teachers and facilitated by our district. As one major component of our virtual learning program in SDPC, this online school offers more flexible learning options to our students than ever!

Pickens County schools, in partnership with, is open for high school students who want to take an online course through our new Pickens County Virtual School. There is no cost for any course. More information about the virtual franchise is available through VirtualSC. 

Teacher Testimonials:
"Teaching virtually has provided me with a way to form more individual relationships with students and reach some students who have struggled in a more traditional classroom." - Michel Justus, Science

“The diagnostics and data provided in an on-line environment are a strong platform for discussion with students who are struggling. For example, it’s easy to see how much time a student is spending on lessons. When the time is short, most often is the grade is low. It’s satisfying to use this data to encourage a student to slow down, to then track the slow down, and to finally watch the grade and thus learning inevitably increase.” - Sondra Hennessee, English

"What makes this online teaching experience so nice for me are the kids, the very same reason I entered the classroom over 26 years ago.  The kids I have taught online have been so very appreciative and are actually shocked when you call them or send them a 'happy note' through text."  - Ansley Cudd, School Counselor and Social Studies

Student Reflections:
​What did your virtual teacher do in this course that helped you successfully finish it?

My teacher "told me the times I could come and see her for extra help."

"She gave me a pacing guide, which I found very helpful."

"She kept checking on me and asking if I needed help on anything. She also made the lessons very clear and simple." 

When I asked, "He helped me learn how to work through the website."

Who takes virtual courses?
Students have a variety of reasons for taking virtual coursework. Listed below are a some of these reasons; however, it is not limited. Students seek virtual learning opportunities to meet their need to personalize their learning experiences.

A student may be interested in taking a course not offered at his or her school. Astronomy Honors, Art History Honors, Media Arts, and Environmental Science CP may be courses that not every high school offers.

A student may have a schedule conflict with an AP course, a Dual Enrollment Course, or a Career Center course. The student can take the specialized course and choose to take the other course through Pickens County Virtual.

A student could be experiencing medical difficulties that prevents the student from attending school. Pickens Virtual offers the student the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from peers without having to report to the school to do so.

Pickens Virtual provides students the opportunity to continue learning through the summer months. Some students become bored in the summer and do not have the opportunity to travel. These students use Pickens County virtual as an opportunity to learn, to engage with peers, and to productively use time.

Students will sometimes fail courses. Pickens Virtual offers credit recovery coursework so that students may either recover the credit or may repeat the course for a better grade.

Resources and Publications:
Pickens Virtual Franchise Information

Click here to learn about creating an account with VirtualSDPC. Students who already have an account with VirtualSC can use their VirtualSC accounts.

Click here to learn about offerings for VirtualSDPC for the 2019-2020 school year.

Click here for important dates and deadlines for both VirtualSDPC and VirtualSC.

If your student has a special request for a course, please share that need or idea with the student's school counselor.