GP2W: West End Elementary School

"GP2W" stands for Great Place To Work.  The four characters serve as a reminder in communication among our staff of the culture of our district. Each week through the school, our website will feature an article on one of our schools or departments explaining why their site is a Great Place To Work! 

Rodgers.jpgby Angie Rodgers, principal

West End Elementary School is indeed a rewarding and special place to work! We have an extremely hardworking and dedicated staff and more than 730 energetic and enthusiastic students. From the moment the students bound in the door at 7:15 each morning until late in the evening, evidence of compassion and dedication is everywhere. Children are personally greeted at the door each morning. They then have the opportunity to receive help with homework, get behavioral support, participate in the running club, or build relationships with grade level teachers and friends. Teachers work diligently to meet the needs of students by participating in weekly professional learning communities and by engaging them in learning by using interactive technology, small group instruction, guided reading and hands-on STEM education.

Not only does our staff work hard at reaching every student, we've also made it our mission to build meaningful Frozen.jpgrelationships with parents and families. Opportunities are offered to our children and their parents through day-time and evening parenting programs including "West End University," which is an outreach program and series of workshops in several of our neighborhoods. This year, our families have joined us for themed family nights like "Frozen in the Land of Literacy" and "Pirate STEM Night." Parents of our ESOL population are encouraged to come to school one evening each week to participate in Rosetta Stone and have access to translation and information. Our family liaison and other staff members are available to assist parents and students when needs arise.

photo 2 (2).jpgWhat sets West End apart is the collegiality found among the faculty and staff at West End. Teachers and staff not only plan and work diligently to meet the needs of students and families; we also work hard to take care of each other. It is not unusual to hear laughter and silliness in the afternoons at West End. Occasionally, we even share tears and frustration. But at the end of each hard day of work, friendship, caring, and heart can be found in the halls and classrooms at West End Elementary - making it an awesome and gratifying place to be!