GP2W: Gettys Middle School

"GP2W" stands for Great Place To Work.  The four characters serve as a reminder in communication among our staff of the culture of our district. Each week through the school year, our website will feature an article on one of our schools or departments explaining why their site is a Great Place To Work! 

MichaelCory.jpgMr. Mike Cory, Principal, Gettys Middle School

"Gettys Greatness" is more than just two words; it is our vision, expectation, and our commitment. Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great, stated: "Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, as it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline." At Gettys Middle School, our staff makes a choice to strive for greatness in their teaching, collaboration with colleagues, and support of our students and their families. As we face the challenges of new assessments, teacher evaluation, and standards we believe our decision to commit to greatness and our belief that truly the best is yet to come will lead us to success at our school and the School District of Pickens County.

A defining characteristic of our school and district has always been on positive relationships. Regardless of your ohlrogge.jpgposition in our district, whether at home or work, cultivating relationships with all we encounter has made all the difference in our district and county. Our SDPC Support Employee of the Year has made relationships with her students a priority. Her job title may be In-School-Suspension Supervisor but she has led our school in administering a credit recovery program as well as starting a partnership with the South Carolina Virtual School Program to expand our course offerings and digital learning initiatives. The greatest lesson all of us can take from Jennifer Ohlrogge is her resiliency. As a breast cancer survivor, to only see it return twelve years later that she will fight again, is an example to us all to encourage one another and remain strong despite winds of change in education across our state and nation.

Holly Harden.jpgThe pace of change in our society is also occurring at a speed that is the quickest we have ever seen. Some of our greatest educators find ways to make learning relevant to students today in the 21st Century. Our GMS Teacher of the Year, Holly Harden, has focused on making students learning relevant by coordinating job fairs, guest speakers, and career center tours in her role as guidance counselor. Holly began her career at our school as a part-time guidance counselor with full-time effort and within three years is now serving as our head guidance counselor and leading our school in making sure all students are making progress to being college and career-ready.

As we work for our students this year we remember this quote, "To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan, but also believe." Choose Greatness and believe the best is yet to come!