Career & Technology Education: Expectations

Expectations for Administration and Guidance

Grades 7-12: Perkins IV Performance Indicators

  • 1S1 Reading Language Arts; 
  • 1S2 Math; 
  • 2S1 Technical Skill;
  • 3S1 School Completion; 
  • 4S1 Graduation; 
  • 5S1 Placement; 
  • 6S1 Nontraditional; 
  • 6S2 Nontraditional Completion
Elementary, Middle and High: School-to-Work
  • Collaboration amongst Career Guidance and Core Academic Teachers.
  • Participation in Work Based Learning activities such Registered Apprenticeships, Co-Ops, Internships, Career Planning, Career Exploration, and Career Awareness.
  • Participation in student enrichment activities such as SkillsUSA, HOSA, FFA
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