Math and Numeracy: Overview


Team Leader: Janice Ward, Director of Accountability and Program Evaluation

As we move forward toward the goal of becoming a top 5 district, the Numeracy Leadership Team has identified the following expectations and areas in which we will provide support through professional learning. As additional assessment results become available and school teams begin to provide feedback, we will modify the plan.

Our numeracy leadership teams should support teachers to ensure that we are:

  • Consistently using the process standards for mathematics to teach for conceptual understanding.
  • Building understanding of the SCCCR-M Standards as well as building vertical alignment by developing knowledge of the SCCCR-M Standards for the grade level taught as well as the standards in the grade levels prior to and after.
  • Incorporating targeted review of prior learning as needed to scaffold instruction.
  • Using assessment to drive and personalize instruction.
  • Using consistent academic vocabulary.

We will continue the development of district-wide scope and sequences for our math courses and work on vertical alignment. 

We will revise our accelerated math curriculum in grades 4 – 7 to appropriately prepare advanced students for Honors Algebra 1 in the 8th grade.

We will provide professional learning to support our teachers and administrators in the following areas.

  • Instructional use of calculators in grades 6 - 8
  • Selection of appropriate assessments (formative v. summative)
  • DOK as it applies to mathematics

We will offer professional learning/graduate courses in mathematical content to help our teachers build, reinforce, and refresh content knowledge.