Vision & Mission


The SDPC will strive to provide a quality 21st century education that prepares all students for success beyond the classroom.


The SDPC promotes high achievement, personal responsibility, and character development to prepare students for college, career, & citizenship opportunities.


We believe . . . 

  • Students are our first priority.
  • Safe, engaging learning environments are necessary for student growth.
  • All students must have equitable educational opportunities.
  • A commitment to excellence is essential.
  • Every person is unique and valuable.
  • Cultural diversity promotes full development of the individual and society.
  • All students can learn and contribute to society.
  • The parent is a child's first teacher.
  • Partnerships with families and communities are essential to student growth and success.
  • Education, character, and citizenship are keys to success.
  • Learning and education are life-long processes.
  • Today's students are tomorrow's workforce.
  • The vitality and health of our community is supported by productive schools.


  1. Student Achievement – Each student will be academically challenged to reach his or her individual potential growth.
  2. Learning Environment – Students will be provided safe, supportive environments for learning.
  3. Quality Personnel – Quality personnel will be recruited, developed and retained in all positions.
  4. Communications – Clear, frequent communications will increase stakeholders' knowledge and support.
  5. Resource Management – All resources will be managed effectively to provide a quality learning environment.


Achieving our vision requires planning for the future. In addition to the district's overall Strategic Plan, SDPC is also planning into the future with a five-year Financial Plan, a Capital Needs Plan, and a Technology Plan.