Work-Based Learning

Work Based Learning LogoWork-Based Learning (WBL) is intentional learning within a work context, created through purposeful relationships with employers, that helps students identify, refine and reach their goals, while developing and strengthen their 21st century skills. 

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We offer WBL through structured experiences in order to enhance current and future employment opportunities and develop in students a career mindset.

Work-based learning experience is priceless! It provides students the opportunity to network with business, industry, and community representatives who can guide students in career planning, employment searches and post-secondary programs. Participants in work-based learning experiences are often able to continue work with their placement companies after high school or college graduation. Employers are increasingly seeking new hires that have work-based learning experience and can perform at a high levels immediately.

Work-Based Learning Experiences and Activities

SDPC offers students in grades 6th-12th a continuum of work-based learning opportunities. 

WBL Experiences

WBL Activities


Job Shadowing (On-Site & Virtual)

Youth Apprenticeships


Cooperative Education (CO-OP)

School-Based Enterprise


Service Learning